That of the leviathan is a figure that has exerted its fascination on the collective imagination for centuries. It is in the Old Testament that we meet this sea monster; despite lacking a precise description, the etymology of its name makes us imagine it with the features of a colossal snake - of all the beasts, a living sign of the power of God. So strong was the suggestion of this king of beasts, that when Thomas Hobbes, in 1651, came to describe the genesis of state power as a contract with which society attributes the power to govern to a single entity, the image that uses it is precisely that of the Leviathan: the absolute, total, frightening power, which however is the guarantee of a stable and peaceful society, the result of the convergence of innumerable people in a single body.

Beyond this philosophical use, the Leviathan remains the colossus, the huge and complex structure, especially from an architectural and engineering point of view.

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